July 18th, 2017

The Monty Rolltop Messenger Bag

Mission Workshop is a sister company to Chrome, another company that makes gear for cyclists and city folk.

At Mission Workshop, they’ve zeroed in on style and coolness, while maintaining the utility that made them famous with Chrome.

The Monty Bag, specifically, feels like they’ve aimed for the sweet spot between versatility of use and focused design.

Reviews of the Monty Messenger Bag from Other People

I agree with this review from Steven Yau’s Blog:

When the bag was delivered, I initially had comfort concerns as the back and bottom of the bag was not padded. I managed to mitigate this with an old laptop sleeve (one of those that you can supposedly drop an egg on and it won’t crack) which also gave me a ’slot’ to slip my laptop into.

It also felt heavier than I expected (1.35kg) due to the waterproof lining all around the bag but it didn’t matter too much after the bag was on my shoulder as the strap took must of the weight and spread it across my chest.

In terms of organization, the two front pockets were roomy enough to fit all my loose tech accessories such as USB cables, chargers, batteries etc and also my pens and notepad. I also found that there was more internal organization than I

July 17th, 2017

Herschel Supply Little America Backpack Review Black

The Herschel Supply Little America Backpack is a very well made backpack. There is a large pouch that it the main pocket and a smaller pouch for smaller objects. The large pouch has a magnetic flap that covers it but also has a drawcord to keep the objects secure. 

There is a large, fleece-lined, padded laptop holder in the large pouch that can fit most laptops. The pouch also has two Velcro closed pockets that can be used to put water bottles in.

Next to one of the compartments has a headphone port with it as well. The smaller pouch also has a magnetic flap along with a zipper. This pouch has a key chain holder that the owner can use as well.

The smaller pouch is used for miscellaneous items while the larger pouch can be used for items such as books or other large things.

Compartments and Interior Organization of the Herschel Backpack

Large Main Interior Pouch



The large pouch has plenty of room for whatever you need as the bag is 19.5 inches high, 11.25 inches wide and 7 inches deep. You will be able to fit a number of things inside of this pouch.

The pouch has a very nice red and white pinstripe design that contrasts the black and tan exterior of the bag.

July 12th, 2017

The Wenger Synergy Backpack by Swiss Gear is large enough to carry a bunch of stuff all at once. Over the 4 years that I have owned it I have used it almost every day. After all of these years, it has held up considerably well given the amount of weight that is usually inside it.

Wenger is a Swiss company that has been around since 1893. You might recognize the logo from the world-famous Swiss-army knife. I’m not sure how long Swiss Gear has been designing luggage and packs, but this backpack has been very good to me.

Wenger Backpack’s Specs and Key Features


This is by no means a small backpack. Swiss Gear designed the Wenger Synergy bag to hold a lot of gear at once. This is obvious given the numerous pockets and large capacity within those pockets. The fabric is durable and designed to hold a lot of weight, but your back may not be happy with you if you load it up to the max.

Size and Dimensions 

To sum it up, it is big. Not necessarily in height or in width, but certainly in depth. If the backpack is filled to capacity, you will look a bit like your carrying a turtle with a tumor on your back. Since it can be so wide, you have to consider weight distribution, as back pain may arise from putting the heavy

July 10th, 2017
Looking for the next big thing on Kickstarter? Then check out our sneak peek of the Hideout Pack from Everyman.
Their first ever backpack release, the Hideout Pack is a backpack built for everything from your everyday commute to travel.
So before the new product launch, let’s take a closer look at Everyman’s new bag and see what makes it stand out from other backpacks already on the market. 

The Hideout Pack was Built for Everyday Use

Promising to work as 3 bags in one, Everyman claims that their Hideout Pack can be used as an everyday commuter bag, carry-on, or travel backpack.

Thanks to it’s minimalist design and innovative features, this backpack is highly versatile and perfect for everyday use.

The backpack also comes with Everyman’s Design for Life Guarantee.

The Story Behind the Creation of the Hideout Pack

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Everyman, this company prides itself on making simple but durable products. As you might have already guessed, these products are meant to function for everyday use.
Many of their products are smaller, such as the Grafton Pen, the Ballard Bottle Opener, or their pocket notebooks.
But with the launch of their newest product, the Hideout Pack, this might be one of their most ambitious product launches to date.

The team

June 30th, 2017

Incase-Nylon-Campus-Pack-Ultramarine-Golden-Rod-Backpack-ReviewWondering Whether or Not Should You Buy the Incase Nylon Campus Pack?

Incase mainly focuses on creating products for Apple consumers. Incase is also well-known for their laptop backpacks, laptop cases, and camera bags. The Incase Nylon Campus Pack is a convenient and nifty laptop backpack that is perfect for light travel and going around campus.

Incase Backpack’s Specifications and Features

Incase Size and Dimensions

Side views of the backpack can expand to about 7” – 8” (contains rain jacket and the other items inside).

The backpack is about the size of a regular backpack; about the same size as the Just Porter Hazen Professional. From personal measurement, I found that the size of the backpack is about 18” in height, 10”-11” in length, and 7” in width. That makes the average volume of the backpack to be around 1300 in3.

Laptop Fit Size

I have a 15” Acer laptop and it fits into the laptop pocket nicely; not too loose and not too tight either. The 15” MacBook Pro will definitely fit nicely into the pockets. However, anything bigger than a 15” (like gaming laptops) would most likely not fit and have to be stored outside the laptop pocket.

Number of Compartments and Pockets

There are 3 compartments: main, medium, and small. For all, the inside of the pockets is made out of nylon-like material.

June 27th, 2017

L.L. Bean Sportman's Rucksack Backpack Review

Should You Buy the L.L. Bean Sportsman’s Rucksack?

Headed off to college in the fall?  Going on a hiking trip for a day or two?  Either way, you’re going to need a backpack to hold all your gear for the enterprise.  Whether you’re toting your notes or hauling a whole lot of trail mix, the Sportsman’s Rucksack will help you out.

I am notorious for causing weaker backpacks to explode.  Not all at once, but over time I tend to overload my bags.  With this in mind, I sought out a bag from L.L. Bean, knowing that their gear is both reliable and under a lifetime warranty.

This is how I stumbled upon the Sportsman’s Rucksack, a backpack that has lived up to its name.  Like me, it survived freshman year of college, albeit with a few bumps and bruises.  

General Features of the L.L. Bean Sportsman’s Rucksack Backpack

Dimensions: 17”H x 12”W x 9”D

Weight: 2 lbs. 2 oz.

Carrying Capacity: 1,525 cu. in., or 25 L.  This suits most carry-on requirements.

Materials:  Made out of Kodra Nylon, the Rucksack features a leather trim and brass hardware.

Laptop Space: On their website, L.L. Bean lists this bag as capable of carrying a 15” laptop, but my 17.5” Asus fits just fine in the laptop sleeve.

Cost: This bag is listed online for $119.00, which is what

June 26th, 2017


The Boundary Prima System on Kickstarter is pushing the boundaries when it comes to creating backpacks and providing sustainable products.

Instead of using separate bags for work, travel, and your camera gear, the Prima System is these 3 bags in one.

With features that adapt to your needs, this modular backpack keeps all your gear organized and protected no matter where life may take you.

Let’s take a closer look at how Boundary’s Prima System works and whether or not it’s right for you.

The Boundary Prima System for Work, Travel, and Photography


By combining all 3 of the components of the Boundary’s Prima System, they believe that their backpack can be used as a work bag, a travel backpack, and a camera bag.

I’m a little less convinced on how well this bag would work when it comes to a serious travel bag but based on the design features, it seems really suited for biking and hiking in urban or more natural environments.

Even though Boundary claims to suit work and travel, I think the Prima System really shines when it comes to packing camera gear.

It easily fits and secures your camera and other gear with enough room to pack any other essential items.

Whether you’re biking through the city or hiking in the woods, you

June 23rd, 2017



The NOMATIC Backpack and Travel Pack project on Kickstarter definitely has this whole crowdfunding thing figured out.

If you haven’t heard, NOMATIC is making history on Kickstarter and pulling in record high earnings.

And it’s not by accident that they’re having so much success. The successful backing of the NOMATIC Backpack and Travel Pack are because of both bags are stylish and functional while offering a wide array of unique features.

We decided to look a bit closer at these two bags. And by the end, we’ll give you our honest opinion on this NOMATIC project.

The NOMATIC Backpack for Everyday Use and the NOMATIC Travel Pack for Those Short 1-3 Day Trips

The idea behind offering these two bags is that though they may look the same, they were each designed for a specific function and purpose.

The NOMATIC backpack is meant to be your go-to everyday backpack. I wouldn’t label it as an ideal bag for bike commuters and it’s a little pricey for college students. But it seems like a good fit for young professional based on its sleek look and design.

As for the NOMATIC travel pack, this bag was made for those short weekend trips with enough space to handle a 3-day trip at the most. It doesn’t offer as much room or flashy features as their travel bag

May 11th, 2017

Making Some Luggage Headway With The Patagonia Maximum Legal  Carry Bag Review

How many times have you wondered if you were going to get some grief from the airline when you arrive at the airport? I used to be in a constant state of anxiety about whether the airline would allow my rolling suitcase above. Then I took at look at the Patagonia MLC 45 aka the Maximum Legal Carry by Patagonia.

Look, with more people using low cost airlines for travel, the need for practical luggage is a must.

Whether you use a carry-on suitcase or a travel backpack, it’s important to choose a bag that fits your needs.

Patagonia may be using the Maximum Legal Carry backpack as an entre into the casual travel market. The grab your stuff and leave for a very long weekend type of bag…. This bag appears specifically made for the overhead compartment.

Who Should Buy This Backpack?

Listen, all backpack companies hope that someone writes, “This bag is for everyone!” But, the Patagonia MLC is meant for the casual fun traveler.

Immediately, I wouldn’t recommend this back for a business traveler. Also, It’s not for the traveler that will be traveling to all the corners of the world for technical trekking.

But more for a traveler that will not be doing technical trekking or hiking. Going to Vietnam for a week, sure. Hiking the apalachin trail, no way. This is not some crazy technical Osprey backpack.

The Patagonia MLC45 is a new take on the carry-on travel bag especially since

May 3rd, 2017

Should You Buy the Timbuk2 Aviator Travel Backpack?

Consider you’re going on a trip, and you don’t really want to bring a suitcase carry-on or even check in luggage. You’re looking for the ultimate carry-on to handle your travel needs. I wanted to share my thoughts on the Timbuk2 Aviator travel backpack.

Here’s the deal, my first impression is the Timbukt2 Aviator is a decent travel backpack.

But, I want to go a little bit more in depth so you can make a well-informed decision of whether you want to buy this backpack.

So, let’s begin.

1. General Overview of the Timbuk2 Travel Backpack

Before we begin, let’s first cover the general information about the Aviator.

Aviator Dimensions, Weight, and Capacity

The specifications of the bag are as follows:

  • Dimensions: of the Aviator are 22.83″ x 13.39″ x 9.45″. (The Aviator is a good Carryon backpack size).
  • Weight:  It weighs a little over 4 Lbs, 6 oz  (or 2 kg).
  • Volume: It has a capacity of 1820 inches.

Backpack Organization

This backpack comes equipt with the following organization features:

  • 1 Main Compartment
  • 1 Laptop Compartment
  • 1 Mid-size compartment
  • 3 Smaller Compartments

Price of the Timbuk2 Aviator

As of writing this post, I have seen it advertised for $189.  But, I have also seen it on sale.

Now that I’ve covered the basic information, let’s dive into the overview of the exterior features and compartments.


2. Timbuk2 Aviator Exterior Features Overview

In this section, I talk about the exterior features of the bag and my thoughts on whether or not they live up to the